Elèctrica Canet


Landscapes that blur in calm, that are recognizable in detail to those who have been.
The mountain as the place to climb, the summit to be reached, a metaphor for human existence.
They say that when you've made it, the hardest part is getting off and living your life again.
But thinking about the descent when you have not yet been able to finish the ascent is anticipating yourself, justifying that it is not worth the effort to climb because the reward is not clear, hence the clouds that cloud the path.
But we have that rock to cling to so we don't get lost.

Mixed technique of colored pencils on paper/watercolour, inks and oil stick.
Watercolor gives me the imprint I need for this representation, it is luminous and ethereal, it gives me the concreteness I look for in clean landscapes at once, without the option of error. The ink pen and the oil stick are the two means that accompany the watercolor, counteracting each other, on the one hand the pen marks the limits, builds the shapes, gives body to the spots that dissolve with the 'help, in this case of the oil bar that with its oily idiosyncrasy, adds cloudy, undefined and dreamy atmospheres.
This set of plans that are dissolved and reaffirmed by building landscapes, is my search, ensuring that in these forms there is soul, there is life, this is the difficult task. Look at the drawing and recognize that I have been there or that at some point I will be able to visit that place.
The colored pencil gives this simple expression, without stridency, again there is no possibility to mask the error, so the result is the moment of execution, it is the present lived. In this sense I feel inspired by the technique of Japanese drawing and writing.

Rosana Cámara Andrés, my studies range from five years at the School of Arts and Crafts in Córdoba, a degree in Fine Arts in Granada, along with the first year of a Doctorate at the University of Barcelona.
I have worked with artists such as Santiago Cirugeda, Miroslaw Balka, Tomas Rüller, Jesús Olmo, Concha García, Jose Sevillano and Bartolomé Ferrando in various grants, projects and workshops.
My work has moved mainly in the field of photography and painting but with experiences in performance, installations and video, symptomatic of contemporary art but nowadays I stay with pictorial work because of its corporeality.

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