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Artà preserves a large number of artisans who still offer their products from ovens, studios and shops. Therefore, we find master artisans that elaborate traditional ceramics, bread or textile products, among others. We also can find modern arts and crafts like jewellery or clothes.Undoubtedly, the most popular arts and crafts product that identifies Artà is palm work, popularly known as llatra. This popular art consists in the braiding of the local palm tree called garballó.  Llatra is traditionally associated with women and is learnt by oral tradition among different generations.

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Baskets, bags and other products made with llatra resist use and the pass of time magnificently.

Garballó is a type of native palm tree of the island. Its leaves are collected exclusively the first two weeks of the month of July and are left to dry in the sun. This kind of palm tree has disappeared in many sites of the island, being abundant in the Eastern Coast of Mallorca, mostly in the municipalities of Capdepera and Artà, where this tradition still survives. Unfortunately, there are less people that dedicated to this art, which threatens its continuity.

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