Cala Mitjana

To get to Cala Mitjana we depart from Artà towards sa Duaia, through the road of Racó, beside the football pitch. The beach is 10 kilometres away from town.


During the trip we can observe a wild landscape that combines valleys and mountains. It is easy to spot the island of Menorca during atmospheric clear days. At the end of the route there is a junction, the right one leads us to Cala Torta and the left heads to our destination, Cala Mitjana. Anchoring boats is difficult due to the shallowness.


This sea entrance opens to the Mediterranean Gregale wind. Sited between Cala Estreta and Cala Torta, Cala Mitjana has a fine sand beach of 120 feet long with small dunes. Although it has fine sand, it can be considered thicker than the sand from the South-eastern beaches of the island. Its shore is low with scanty vegetation, softly inclined to the sea and shaped by it on the West side. Its vegetation, very damaged due to salinity, is formed by, basically, pine trees, shrubs and palm trees, as well as some donardes or atzavares --the ornamental plant known as Agave americana. Its name is given for a simple reason: this sea entrance is the middle in a succession of three equidistant coves -Mitjana means medium.

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