The festival of Sant Antoni

Celebrated the
16th of January and the morning of the 17th
, Sant Antoni is a very popular, participative and captivating festival. Its organization is the responsibility of the Obreria de Sant Antoni, a team of three people. The morning of the 16th, after having breakfast, the dimonis -village actors dressed like demons- go out from the house of the obrero in charge of the festivity that year.

The dimonis, the primal symbol of the festival, accompanied by a band of musicians, tour the town and, on every corner of the village, dance and transmit the atmosphere of festivity and participation. The festivities draw to a rest at midday and continue again in the evening. When the sun goes down, the dimonis come out again from the house of the obrero and head towards the parish church to celebrate completes, a small religious ceremony in the chapel of Sant Antoni.

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