Route Carrossa - Colònia de Sant Pere

Route Carrossa - Colònia de Sant Pere

Description of itinerary

The route starts at Artà (plaça del Conqueridor) and heads towards the Colònia de Sant Pere, but turns off towards Carrossa.

Up to km 9.5, the path is not difficult at all and the route is on asphalt but, when it turns off to Pou Colomer and up to km 14, it goes along a track with a descent that's a bit technical and is made even more complicated by the lack of signposting.
Between km 14 and 15.6 the path goes along the main road from Artà to Can Picafort and, as from this point and up to approximately km 21.5, it returns along a forest track that runs downhill to the housing estate of Son Serra de Marina.
The route continues along the beach of Sa Canova for about two kilometres over sand, which makes peddling difficult.

At km 33 the ascent starts to the Betlem hermitage, over terrain where there are also sections that cannot be ridden.

Arriving at Betlem hermitage (36.7 km), there are around 9 km left of a B-road back to the starting point, at Artà.

Type of route:Mountain bike
Degree of difficulty: ESP_28
Total distance: 46,60 Km
Total duration: 4 hores
Type of terrain: Pista: 22,6 km Asfalt: 24 km
Circular route: Si
Total ascent: 731 m

Necessary equipment

Drinks, food, sports clothes, sports shoes.

Recommended equipment

Cycling clothes, sunglasses, mobile phone, camera.


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