Artà - Son Servera

Artà - Son Servera

Description of itinerary

The route sets off from the centre of Artà at Plaça del Conqueridor square towards Canyamel. The first 6 km runs along a completely flat road. At the roundabout, you turn off towards Son Servera up Coll del Vidrier hill, continuing uphill for 1.1 km until km 7.3.

Between km 14.5 and 15.2 the road begins to climb again to Coll de la Gravera hill at Son Servera. Finally, between km 18.7 and 22.6, the section between Son Dragó and Coll d’Artà hill runs along a secondary road that links up with the main road, the Ma 15. Starting off at a slight upward gradient with some ups and downs, the last kilometre before reaching the summit is quite demanding.

Type of route:Roadbikes
Degree of difficulty: ESP_28
Total distance: 29,20 Km
Total duration: 2 hores
Type of terrain: Asfalt: 29,2 km
Circular route: Si
Total ascent: 330 m

Necessary equipment

Drinks, food, sports clothes, sports shoes.

Recommended equipment

Cycling clothes, sunglasses, mobile phone, camera.


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