Route S'Estanyol - Betlem

Route S'Estanyol - Betlem

Description of itinerary

This starts at the Sailing Club of the Colònia de Sant Pere, going towards S'Estanyol, along an asphalted road without any noticeable slopes.
Between km 1 and km 2.7, it goes along a dirt track with a slight ascent.

From km 2.7 to km 8.5 it goes back on the asphalted road, up to the Betlem housing estate. Between km 8.5 and km 9.7, the route follows a track next to the sea, up to Caloscamps cove.

The return to the Colònia de Sant Pere is along the road.

Type of route:Mountain bike
Degree of difficulty: Easy
Total distance: 12,60 Km
Total duration: 1 hores 30min.
Type of terrain: Pista: 3,6 km Asfalt: 9 km
Circular route: Si
Total ascent: 107 m

Necessary equipment

Drinks, food, sports clothes, sports shoes.

Recommended equipment

Cycling clothes, sunglasses, mobile phone, camera.


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