Route s'Esquena Llarga - Es Racó

Route s'Esquena Llarga - Es Racó

Description of itinerary

The route starts at the town of Artà (Plaça del Conqueridor) and goes towards the Betlem hermitage.

Up to km 10.5 the route isn't too difficult but from here on it becomes very demanding; that's why it's a black route.

Up to km 10.5 is the descent of S'Esquena Llarga. This is very steep; incredible but dangerous if you don't have the right technique. It lasts about 5 km, up to S’Arenalet d’Albarca. 

From km 15 to 16.1, ascent along a forest track, not too technical but considerably steep.  

From km 17.9 to 18.4, technical descent, not because of its slope but due to the number of roots and bumps in the middle of the track.

As can be seen on the diagram, from km 19.8 to 27 is the toughest part. Around 7 km of ascent, with 1.5 km of road and the rest a forest track.

Type of route:Mountain bike
Degree of difficulty: ESP_28
Total distance: 30,91 Km
Total duration: 3 hores 30min.
Type of terrain: Pista: 20,9 km Asfalt: 11 km
Circular route: Si
Total ascent: 731 m

Necessary equipment

Drinks, food, sports clothes, sports shoes.

Recommended equipment

Cycling clothes, sunglasses, mobile phone, camera.


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