Route Colònia de Sant Pere - Es Caló

Route Colònia de Sant Pere - Es Caló

Description of itinerary

This is a perfect route for those just starting out in this sport and with the added attraction that it goes alongside the sea.

The route starts at the Sailing Club of the Colònia de Sant Pere, going towards Caloscamps cove. At km 2.7, the route enters an area of dense vegetation that lasts about 50 metres (it crosses a gully) and then continues, alongside the sea, towards Betlem.

At km 5.4 (at the Betlem housing estate), the path starts that takes us to Es Caló. This is a track without asphalt that, unless you have some skill, cannot be ridden during a few sections.

Type of route:Mountain bike
Degree of difficulty: Easy
Total distance: 16,90 Km
Total duration: 2 hores
Type of terrain: Pista: 11 km Asfalt: 5,9 km
Circular route: Si
Total ascent: 232 m

Necessary equipment

Drinks, food, sports clothes, sports shoes.

Recommended equipment

Cycling clothes, sunglasses, mobile phone, camera.


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