Arenalet d'Albarca

A 270 feet wide sand beach, divided in two equal parts by sandstone rocks and found in the point delimiting the possessions of es Verger and Albarca. Currently, there is a stone area 20 metres away from the sea. The beach is on the foot of the mountains and has the graceful summit known as Porrassar in the background.


From here, we can walk up to el Pla de ses Bitjes and la Caseta des Oguers. On the Eastern part we can see the ruins of a boathouse. The beach is also known as s'Arenalet, Arenalet des Senyor and Arenalet des Verger. The beach is part of the same Natural Park of Levant and access is made by foot, crossing almost the whole park if we go from l'Alqueria Vella towards the Hermitage. We can also go through the area of sa Duaia, departing from Cala Estreta and heading through the Carabiners old route to arrive to Es Matzoc, then continue to Font Salada to finally arrive to s'Arenalet d'Albarca. A long but nice stroll beside the sea.

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