Access is made by foot, crossing almost the entire park if we go from l'Alqueria Vella towards the Hermitage. We can also get there through the area of sa Duaia, departing from Cala Estreta and heading through Carabiners old route to firstly arrive to Es Matzoc and then continue to Fontsalada. Fontsalada belongs to the littoral of Albarca, it is located between l'Arenalet d'Albarca and es Matzoc. A sand beach of 115 feet wide where the sea sometimes deposits seaweed. Fontsalada has a low shore coast with cliff vegetation on the West and developed pine forests on the East. At the end of the beach there is a beautiful and well preserved dune system with lletreres, endemic Euphorbia. Beside the beach, we find a route surrounded with local vegetation like palm trees, endemic heath (erica multiflora), endemic arbutus (arboces), endemic rhamnaceae (aladern), montpelier cistus (estepes negres), rosemary and endemic euphorbiaceae, among others. Its name is taken from the fountain that springs in the same place, which has the tautological name of Fountain of Fontsalada. It is said that on the western side, fresh water also springs into the sea.

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