Cala Torta

To get to Cala Torta we depart from Artà towards sa Duaia, through the road of Racó, beside the football pitch. The beach is 10 kilometres away from town.


During the trip we can observe a wild landscape that combines valleys and mountains. It is easy to spot the island of Menorca on clear days. At the end of the route there is a junction, the road to the right leads us to Cala Torta. We can also reach Cala Torta by foot or bicycle from Capdepera, through a 22 kilometres mountain route marked with red points that departs from Cala Mesquida. This cove opens to Tramuntane and Gregale winds and is located on the eastern end of Arta's coastline, close to the limit with Capdepera. It has a 200 feet wide beach of thick sand that penetrates to the interior drawing a strong curve, which probably gives its name – Torta means crooked. Sometimes, the torrent floods the end of the beach, creating a small lake. Cala Torta has Arta's mountain range in the background, here with lower vegetation and pine trees. The sea horizon is presided over by the silhouette of Faralló d'Albarca islet. The sand beach rises three metres over the sea, creating a big unevenness on the seashore, where algae accumulates due to the storms. The eastern shore is high and with a cliff, but the western shore is small and shaped by Gregale and Levant winds. Vegetation is lower here. At the end of the beach, from one side to the other of the cove, a small dune system develops delimiting the torrent with sea lilies and shrubs combed shaped by salinity and wind.

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