Que mona!

Feel free to show yourself how you are, how you want and when you want. Uncomplicated, non-conformist, cheerful, fun... With us you will find what you are looking for. Women's clothing with Spanish design, of which our great characteristic is color, good patterning and good fabrics. And of course our advice and our design and tailoring workshop, where we adapt the pieces to your body and your needs. You can't miss it, Come gossip!


Artist ShopARTà:


Lover of beauty and things well done.

Multidisciplinary creator, I am moved by several languages ​​that range from the plastic or the scenic, to the graphic or the audiovisual.

Creator and constructor of spaces and objects.

Adventurer and manager (without vacations) of Life…

Participant in numerous exhibitions and contests, from Madrid to the Mediterranean, at a national and local level.

Local, because it is on this island of Mallorca where I live, and where my dear daughters are born and grow up.

Carrer de Santa Margalida, 52 Artá

971 552 702


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