Fillets Baby is the place to find solutions for happy upbringing either through small childcare, porting and breastfeeding advice or through the variety of workshops we offer to families.

Fillets, Kids & Teens is a space where we offer you solutions for happy upbringing through the latest developments in fashion, footwear, supplements and pedagogical games and toys. We also offer education for mothers and fathers in positive discipline as well as workshops for children, such as cooking workshops, short stories, among others.

Not only are we a point of sale, but we want to be part of your tribe. Here we listen to you and give you accurate and up-to-date information from a point of no judgment so you can make the best decisions for raising your children.


Artist ShopARTà:

Àngela Ferrer

Plastic artist and self-taught. My painting is abstract in oil, with about ten years of experience. I like to represent my paintings with colors of Mediterranean tones. I have it on display at the train station (Artà) and I have also exhibited in Hortella (St. Joan).

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