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Anna Moreno Duran

Approach to painting has its origin in the world of architecture, in the world of drawing as my best means of expression and tool of representing reality. The first contact with color occurs at the School of Architecture where we practice, in the second course of drawing, with watercolors; and later, in the color courses at the Elisava school in which I am awakened a special curiosity to continue to inquire into this infinite territory of color, which fascinates me. It is not until 2013 and in the hands of Professor Artur Sansó Ramón, that I begin to get dirty with oil, brushes and aquaras, to start white cloth and to put into practice all the knowledge acquired very slowly over many years.

Jaume Cabrer Silva

Artà (Mallorca) 5 August 1978


Having been born in Mallorca has influenced my photograph, despite being a passionate person on the mountain who from the sea, the sea and its energy are the main reason for my photographs.

The sea has captivated me, its colours, its shapes, its life mean that there are not two similar photos. From calm in the Brave Sea, from quiet to force, from turquoise to navy blue all forms part of my work

Each snapshot is the capture of a unique moment, impossible to repeat, that is shown through my gaze. Timeless images, landscapes that have always been there, details that go unnoticed.

My landscapes convey emotions, light and time, allow me to create an image of my own.

My sensitivity is reflected in photographs.

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